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School description/history



Since CAS’s founding in 1973, we have constantly sought to provide world class facilities. From the school’s original location near the beach Corniche, it moved to a property at Place Bel Air. Subsequently, the school moved to Ouled Bouzid (ex. rue Bartholdi). The building at Ouled Bouzid, purchased in 1984, was already too small by the time it was occupied. This was partially due to the fact that during that same year the beginnings of a secondary section were incorporated. The community’s hopes for a constructing a proper school plant were unfortunately dashed that same year when a donated parcel of land was re-appropriated.

At the start of the 1985 school year, CAS had a combined nursery-kindergarten through grade 10 program for some 131 students, housed under the same roof of Ouled Bouzid. Thirty-one of these students were in grades 7-10.

Recognizing that future growth and expansion of the school’s program would be severely restrained by the limitations imposed by its facilities, CAS purchased and substantially renovated the building at Rue Cugnot for its secondary section.

In 1987, Mr. Sajid, a member of the CAS Association, donated a 15,000 square meter parcel of land to the school. The construction committee, overseen by Dr. Alaoui, the Board vice president at that time, held an architectural competition, chose a design, and forged ahead in an extraordinarily compressed period of time to begin the construction of our long-awaited facility, promised to be completed by the end of that year.

Since 1989 CAS has been located in its present location in Californie. The school has grown from its humble beginning in a villa by the sea for a handful of students to a sprawling campus with 700 students. CAS is recognized as being the first IB Diploma school in the region, and although it has grown a lot through the years, it has remained a tight-knit community focused school where parents and students alike feel welcome every day.


Relationship with the Government of the United States


Casablanca American School was founded in 1973 through the joint efforts of the Goodyear Corporation, the U.S. Consulate General, and several Moroccan families as a branch of the Rabat American School Association. Since that time, CAS has maintained a continual relationship with the U.S. Consulate General, including having a representative of the Consul General as an ex-officio non-voting member of the Board of Directors. Through this connection, CAS seeks and receives the benefits of U.S. government representation and advocacy on its behalf, as well as material and financial support.

As a State Department-assisted school, CAS has a responsibility to offer a secular education to dependents of Americans serving the U.S. government.
More broadly, CAS seeks to represent the best of U.S. education, enhanced to meet the needs of our international student body and to foster a better understanding of the United States and its people.