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Casablanca American School

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the school hours?

08:00 - Reception opens
08:00 – Student should be at school
08:15 – Classes begin
14:50 - Nursery & Kindergarten dismissal
15:00 - Pre-First & First-grade dismissal
15:05 - Second to Twelfth-grade dismissal
16:30 - Reception closes
12:00 - N-K Wednesday dismissal

How do I communicate with the school and my child's teachers?

  • Contact Receptionist to make an appointment
  • Send a note to your child’s teacher through Schoology
  • Parent –Teacher conferences are held each trimester Translation is available when needed.
  • Yearly Calendar (dates of school opening, closing and holidays)
  • CAS Newsletter our newsletter weekly, available electronically
  • The CAS Parent/Student Handbook (information on school procedures and programs)
  • Course description SYLLABUS
  • Mid-Trimester Reports and end of term Report Cards
  • Community Meetings
  • Through your child’s school agenda
  • Letters and notices sent to parents through their children
  • Yearly Association meeting in May
  • CAS Website

What languages are taught at CAS?

Arabic and French are offered to native and non-native speakers from PF for French and grade 2 for Arabic through grade 8.

Beginning Spanish is offered from grade 9 and as an Ab Initio language in our IB course options. Other languages may be accommodated during the school day for parents wishing to hire outside teachers to maintain/develop their child's mother language proficiency. CAS believes continued growth in a child's mother language is important in assuring success in English and strong academic achievement in general.

What provision is made for students with limited English proficiency?

English language proficiency for academic integration and achievement is the priority at CAS. Students enrolling in grade 9 and beyond must demonstrate an advanced level of English language proficiency, both in listening/speaking and in reading/writing for academic purposes.                                            

Admissions candidates lacking this level of English language proficiency may be declined, with the understanding that it would be too difficult to resolve the language gap just two years prior to starting the IB program. Newly enrolling students in grade s 1-8, with little or no English language proficiency must take Language Literacy &Learning (LLL) classes. 

What exams are given at CAS?

CAS offers both internal and external standardized tests and exams. Internal exams consist of quizzes, tests, and performances. These are usually curriculum driven from material covered up to the date of the assessment. Quizzes are not always announced and may cover as little as one question. Tests are usually longer and can cover one or more units. Exams are much longer and may cover entire sections of or an entire term's work of material. Trimester exams cover one-third of the entire year’s learning. The value of each assessment tool is determined by CAS Standards and Benchmarks.

External exams use assessment criteria set up or graded by organizations other than CAS. Those include MAP: The Measures of Academic Progress test administered by the US Based Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), Scholastic Aptitude Test I (SAT I), Scholastic Aptitude Test II (SAT II), International Baccalaureate Exams (IB).

Do children get homework at CAS?

No, but they do receive home learning assignments. The purpose of assignments at home is to extend and reinforce classroom learning experiences. The purpose is not to keep young people "busy" after school, rather take learning from the classroom into the home. Students are expected to list assignments in agendas provided by the school. Teachers are encouraged to use Schoology and other methods to communicated home learning expectations.

Suggested daily allotments for homework (including reading):

Grades 1- 2:15 - 30 minutes

Grades 3 - 5: 30 - 60 minute

Grades 6 – 8: 1 - 2 hours

Grades 9 – 10: 2-3 hours

Grades 11-12: 3-4 hours

Does CAS offer help to support students with academic needs?

Language, Literacy & Learning Department (LLL) The members of this department serve students with a variety of educational needs. The LLL Department is comprised of teachers specialized in the following areas:

● English Language Learning (ELL)

● Reading Support

 ● Learning Support

● Talented and Gifted (TAG)

Services include pullout and push-in instruction, mainstreaming, in-class support, and a student-centered professional coaching program for teachers. Specific criteria for entrance and exit from the service areas are used and strictly adhered to.

The Saturday Recovery Program at CAS is designed to provide students in the Upper School an opportunity to recover the skills and knowledge that they require to perform at grade level and be prepared for the challenging IB Program. Students will be pretested to help pinpoint their specific needs, and action plan will subsequently be developed in concert with teachers and parents.

Is there a cafeteria?

Yes, there is a full cafeteria at CAS.

Students may bring their lunch to school or purchase food from Cafeteria using their ID card. A replacement charge of 100 MAD will be assessed to replace lost student cards that are used to host their cafeteria credit.

What sports are offered at CAS?

The Athletic Director is responsible for coordinating extra athletic events. Team sports include badminton, basketball, soccer, softball, track and field, and volleyball.

Are there extracurricular activities at CAS?

Yes. CAS offers activities on a trimester basis preceded by distribution of activity program brochures and sign-up sheets. Activities offered have included: Student Council, Legos & Games, Saturday Soccer, Cooking, Tee Ball, Arabic Letters & Songs, Stories in English-French-Arabic, Dancercise, Homework Help, Chinese classes, and Dutch classes for Lower School. Upper School activities have included: Student Council, Hiking, Handicrafts, Band, Homework Help, Art Club, Debate/Harvard Model United Nations Congress, Math Help, Community Service, Running Club, Fitness Club, and Photography.

Is there a swimming pool?

No. Swimming activities take place at nearby facilities.

Do children have to wear a uniform?

Yes. The school uniform is mandatory. For Physical Education classes, students must wear a regulation sports uniform.

What is the discipline policy of CAS?

Lower School: The Casablanca American School embraces key aspects of the Positive Discipline model based on the work of the Viennese psychiatrists Alfred Adler (1870 - 1937) and Rudolf Dreikurs (1897 - 1972). Rooted in the belief that children behave best when feeling a sense of belonging to their group, Positive Discipline teaches children to be respectful and responsible community members, all the while fostering skills and communication. When practiced at school and home, Positive Discipline promotes a mutually respectful relationship between child and adult. To promote an understanding and equip our professionals with the appropriate skills, CAS is committed to ongoing training opportunities for teachers and staff. The School also organizes workshops for parents to include them as partners in the Positive Discipline approach.

Upper School: Extending from the basis set by Positive Discipline in Lower School it is an expectation that our upper school students will try to emulate the behavior traits of our Dispositions: creative, community minded, enthusiastic for learning, ethical, reflective, respectful, and responsible. “Our goal is to create a community of learners who feel bonded and connected; such a community exhibits self-discipline and perseverance and takes responsibility for learning.

Is there a Parent Code of Conduct?


Is there transportation supplied by the school for children?

The school does not provide transportation for children.

Is CAS a boarding school?

No, it is a day school.

Does the school have an infirmary?

Yes. The School Nurse is on duty in the Infirmary Monday through Friday from 08:00 until 17:00. The CAS Medical Form must be completed for all new students and renewed at the following Grades 1, 4, 7 and 10 along with ophthalmologist certificate. Parents are requested to keep their child’s health form up to date. All prescription medicines to be administered at school must be given to the nurse. Students should not carry prescription drugs in their bag.

What is the PTA?

The P.T.A. is the Parent Teacher Association consisting of all parents and teachers. The PTA seeks to enhance the overall educational program of the school by assisting with special events (Halloween, Ashura, Christmas Bazaar, Carnaval, Spring Fair, Track Meet, etc.) and supporting efforts to increase communication among parents, teachers, and the school administration.

What are Room Parents?

Room parents are mothers or fathers who volunteer to serve as the link between other parents in the class, the teacher, and the PTA. They help to organize special events in the class and promote PTA activities.

What is the CAS Association?

The CAS Association is a family of all parents or legal guardians of children currently enrolled in the Casablanca American School and the paying staff members.

What is the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is comprised of seven CAS parents who are elected by the Association members, one US representative from the American Consulate and the school Director. The Board is a policy making group, legally empowered to act on behalf of the Association. The main purpose of the Board is to chart a course of action through the development of policy and to provide a guarantee to the Association that the school’s mission and vision are upheld.

What is the Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees is charged with the moral oversight of the operation of the CAS Association. It serves as an advisory body to the CAS Board of Directors. Charged with the philosophical and financial perpetuation of the school, the Trustees may offer advice regarding significant decisions of the Board of Directors. It also serves as a supplemental public relations and fundraising arm of the school.

Does CAS have a School Counselor?

CAS employs at full-time School Counselor for both Upper School and Lower School students, whose duties are to facilitate learning and to promote the cognitive, social and personal development of all students using individual and group discussions.

Does CAS have a University/College  Advisor?

CAS employs a full-time university/college Advisor who is responsible for providing all university/college and career options available to our students prior to graduation.

Is the tuition the same for everyone?

The tuition is the same regardless of nationality or affiliation. However, a 15% reduction in tuition is given to the third child in an attending family.

Do students travel?

Explore Morocco, IB Art Trip, MUN Conference, IB Drama Trip, Sports Tournaments.