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How to apply

Admissions Procedures

Step Number 1: Admissions Inquiry Card

Prospective parents must submit a completed Admissions Inquiry Card to the school, which may be obtained by email, or even better, pick it up in person.

School office hours are 7:40 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. Once this card is completed and submitted, parents may arrange for an appointment to meet with the Admissions Officer to take a tour of the school and to obtain an Admissions Packet.

Step Number 2: Preparing the Application Form

In order to start the application process, it is absolutely imperative that we obtain your fully completed application form together with all of the necessary documentation required as follows:

Step Number 3: Reviewing the Application

Once the completed application is submitted, the Admissions office will create a file that will be reviewed by the Administrative Team to determine if the child should continue to the next step in the Admissions process. Once a decision is reached, the parents will be contacted. If it has been decided to continue the process, an appointment will be made in order to fulfill the additional testing or observation needed.

  • Observation appointment needed for Nursery, Kindergarten, and Pre-First; Observation of child (taken by CAS Pre-School Department)
  • Testing and observation appointment needed for: Grades Pre-First to grade 2
  • Standardized testing of core subjects reading, math, language comprehension and writing

Step Number 4: Final Decision

Once placement tests have been administered and graded, the administrative team will, once again, analyze the entire contents of the submitted file, and arrive at their final decision. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible once that decision has been made.

Step Number 5: Enrollment Agreement & Tuition Payment 

Upon the student’s acceptance to the school, parents will receive an enrollment agreement. In this agreement, you will be asked to proceed with the payment in within two weeks and accept and sign the enrollment conditions.