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At CAS, student empowerment is a major factor in our philosophy of learning. This idea is based on the understanding that learning is more effective when students can shape their learning process. We all have distinct learning styles and individual rhythms to our learning. Simply put, if a student is developing understanding. From that understanding, they need to able to ask the next question that makes sense to them at a time in their intellectual development. An example of this is an inquiry into dinosaurs. An individual may learn about dinosaurs at the kindergarten level, in middle school, as part of their IB Biology class, in undergraduate right up to doctorate level. The learning experience is driven by the stage of development of the student. 

Genuine inquiry-based education is driven by what inspires and excites the student. Therefore, today's schools must be fully engaged with individualizing learning. At CAS, we truly believe that each student is unique and we try to get the best out of each learner.