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Technology Philosophy and Vision for Technology

At Casablanca American School, we believe that technology use, skills, and mindset are an integrated part of daily school life. By providing active, student-centered technology learning, we equip our students to be successful, responsible, global citizens in a dynamic, evolving world. 

Technology links home, school and community, supporting the school’s mission and vision and strengthening our programs and operations through:

  • Communication and inter-connectivity
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Research and information literacy
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Internationalism and digital citizenship

The school’s mission and vision support teaching and learning that utilize technology in a manner that is:

  • Integrated – Teachers and students collaborate to integrate age-appropriate technology within each subject area and across subjects to enhance the curriculum.
  • Individualized – Technology is used as a resource to differentiate instruction to meet the learning needs and interests of each student.
  • Inquiry-based – Technology will be used to foster inquiry, including conducting research, gathering information, producing documents, reports, and presentations to make learning meaningful and authentic.
  • Forward Thinking- Teachers and students are committed to continuous learning, using creativity and adaptability to explore applications of technology in their studies and everyday lives.
  • Ethical and Responsible – Students will be aware of how technology affects both local and global environments. In addition, students will learn to be informed and accountable in their use of technology.

Technology in Action


CAS offers a 1:1 device program for Grades 3-12. The main goal of the program is to enhance the learning experience for each student helping them develop research skills, develop innovative solutions and work collaboratively on a global scale. At CAS we believe technology should be a regular component of every students’ learning experience.

Our students technology experience is further enhanced with our well resourced maker-spaces in Upper School and Lower School. Using a Design thinking Methodology to address real world problems our students create solutions through a variety of additive and subtractive processes, robotics, electronics, textiles and coding.

Technology Documents