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The Arts

At Casablanca American School we place a strong emphasis on the importance of the arts and their integration in our learning community. Students explore the arts through required classes, elective courses and through a wide variety of after-school co-curricular activities and possible community service projects that immerse the learner in the arts. Being in Morocco is an additional advantage as this country is a literal gallery of artwork and immense stage for performance.

The creative arts afford the the opportunity to pursue and find meaning in our lives and the world around us. Students of the arts are challenged intellectually and emotionally, through the many artistic forms of expression. Each discipline in the arts visual, aural, kinesthetic and aesthetic provide unique approaches to thinking, problem solving, creativity, conceptualization, and habits of mind. The arts also produce alternative forms of communication.

The arts bridge differences between cultures, societies, and even generations, providing deeper knowledge of oneself and one’s relationship to our community and surrounding environment

At CAS we believe that competencies in the arts are an essential element of a complete education and essential for lifelong innovation and creativity.