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Parent Teacher Committee

Parent Teacher Committee

The Casablanca American School Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) is an all-volunteer, parent/teacher-run committee committed to enhancing, enriching, promoting and supporting the education of our children and fostering a sense of community within our school. At the heart of our mission we seek strong, ethical and positive collaborative relationships amongst parents, teachers, and the school administration in order to achieve community involvement.

We strive to do this by:

  • Building our Community
  • Supporting and Valuing our Community
  • Consolidating Communication
  • Nurturing Community Outreach
  • Fostering Emotional Well-being within the community

The Parent Teacher Committee’s Values:

• Conduct ourselves in a positive, civil, respectful and ethical manner and always appreciate the same in return

• Be a role model for our children

• Invite a diverse and broad participation in our community

• Commitment and dedication for the well-being of our children

Please contact the PTC at: