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Guide to Giving


Why is CAS implementing a fundraising program?

As part of a long-term strategic plan, CAS must now attract new financial resources- other than just tuition- to maintain its reputation as an educational leader, enhance programs and grow. New funds must come from creating a sustainable fundraising program that engages all stakeholders- alumni, current and past parents, corporate partners and friends- each year.

Doesn’t the entrance fee cover school improvements?

The entrance fee is used each year for operational costs, facility improvements and technology advancements at CAS. However, we will still need to raise substantial additional funds to build a reserve of funds and to really be able to do the appropriate campus renovations (cafeteria, windows and doors to all building,…) expansion (New gym and swimming pool complex) and professional development endowments to allow our teachers to get better training.

How will this fundraising effort affect our community?

CAS accepts in-kind, individual and corporate donations for important community-building events that include the renovation and embellishment of the campus, the development of CAS Technology among others.

I am leaving CAS at the end of the year, why should I make a gift?

Even if you are leaving the school at the end of the year, all gifts made to CAS will impact students during that school year. In addition, if you would like to make a leadership gift, it is important to know that your support will invest in the future of the school and be an opportunity to leave behind a legacy- impacting future generations and preserving your own special memories.

How can I make a gift?

Donations can be made by money transfer and checks.

How is my gift recognized?

All gifts will be recognized at certain giving levels, on the web-site, in the CAS Newsletter, in alumni publications/mailings and in the Annual Report. When making your gift, please let us know under which name(s) you would like it to be recognized, or if you would like to remain anonymous.