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Notable Alumni

CAS Alumni

Over the years several CAS alumni have moved on to interesting and important roles. If you know of an alumnus whose post-CAS experience merits recognition, please notify the school or have them contact us.

Once a Cobra - Always a Cobra


Anas Lemseffer - Artist:  Class of 1994

Iskander Lemseffer, esteemed influencer and pioneer in the art world, is officially the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles’ newest member! As the mastermind and founder of LAB ART, the largest street art gallery in the world, Lemseffer has created an unstoppable movement. For more information about this creative CAS graduate visit these websites.

Founder of Lab Art

LA X LA: Iskander Lemseffer, Gallery Owner

Ricky Arnold - Astronaut: A former CAS teacher

Not exactly an alumnus, Ricky Arnold, a former CAS teacher is now an astronaut. Now that is a great example of having one's career take off!

NASA Biography

Othman Lakari: Class of 1996

Othman is an investor and entrepreneur. He has founded several companies, the latest of which was acquired by Twitter, where he was VP of Product, responsible for Growth, Revenue and International. Before MixerLabs, Othman was at Google, where he managed a number of products including the Google Toolbar, Google Gears, early Firefox extensions, as well FastNet (real-time fetching and caching infrastructure). Prior to Google, Othman was at ACCESS Systems, where he ran server-side engineering. Othman currently serves on the board of directors of ESI Group, a publicly traded French software company. Othman has an MBA from MIT and a BS + MS in Computer Science & Industrial Engineering from Stanford.


Hicham MHammedi Alaoui: Class of 2004

Hicham took on his first entrepreneurial venture over summer break in business school. Instead of taking a cushy corporate internship, he started MBAxAmerica with a couple of friends.

Mhani Alaoui : Class of 1995

Mahni attended prestigious universities in the US. earning first a B.A. from Duke University (ranked between 25th in the world over the last decade), then a Masters degree from Georgetown University (ranked 50th in the world, and finally a PhD from Princeton University (ranked 10th). 

Mhani is currently a Casablanca-based writer and anthropologist. She has published her first novel Dreams of Maryam Tair, for which she received the Independent Publisher Book Award and the Indiefab Award. The novel will be available next September.

We invite you to view the 10 questions for Mhani Alaoui published in the literary magazine Massachusetts Review. In this article Mhani pays tribute to Mr. Jack Shepherd, another CAS pioneer, who passed away 3 years ago.            Mr. Shepherd touched the heart of many students as an English teacher, High School Principal and School Director at CAS. In the Massachussetts Review, Mhani also talks about her short story: Anna's house.

To know more about Mhani, please visit the following site: