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An Invitation to Join Us

An Invitation to Set the CAS Stage Alight with Learning!

International Teaching is a career that will take one to places and experiences unlike almost any other "job". It is an opportunity to participate in the most human of enterprises - the transfer of knowledge across not only generations but across cultural and ethnic divides. I have spent close to a quarter century dedicated to international education at five different international schools in four countries and have yet to find this a job; it is a calling, a passion, a vocation and a way of life. 

Borrowing from Shakespeare, I believe that all a school is a stage. An effective school is where all students, at some point, have an opportunity to shine on their own stage. That stage may be the basketball court; a student art exhibition, choir recital, heated debate in a Model UN committee, creating animated characters in the computer lab, or on the student council to success with our students in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) in Grades 11 and 12.  The more stages a school has, the more students are able to develop their strengths, reveal their unique intelligences and shine. The teacher’s role is to provide multiple forums for students to demonstrate their strengths. This is at times a challenge for teachers who by and large are people who were successful in traditional academic settings, on traditional academic assessments. Although test–taking skills play a very important role in our school and we strive for academic excellence through programs like the IBDP, we know that the world around us also demands other skills that can never by accurately measured by selected response tests or simple grades alone.

At CAS we pride ourselves on trying to provide as many stages as possible for our students to shine and show off their talents. A school like CAS strives to invite students to take risks, challenge themselves and be part of a whole much greater than their individual roles. In many schools students can be streamed into being “jocks” or “artsies” and dozens of other little sub-groups that isolate students from the rest of the school community. This is not what we desire at CAS. We want to be a tight community that invites everyone to take risks and collectively celebrate students’ individual and collaborative successes. We subscribe to something I learned many years ago from a very good professor in university – knowledge is indivisible. Everything we learn, every skill we develop, every opportunity we have to extend our understanding of the world and our fellow humans, and in the process our self-awareness, is a valuable and worthwhile pursuit.

As a team of educators we strive to find alternative challenges for students that recognize there are multiple intelligences and each students’ gifts and talents have the potential to contribute to our learning community. Students must also be engaged in authentic, meaningful work. When the audience of a student’s work goes beyond the teacher when it is placed on some form of stage, their work becomes authentic, important, and as the stakes are raised so do the student’s expectations of his or her own ability. A presentation in front of a classroom of peers will probably not challenge a student as much as a Student Council presentation in front of the entire student population. Again, the more stages the more opportunities for students to shine in their own limelight of success. These stages, when extended beyond the confines of the school, invite students to explore and appreciate both the richness of Morocco and the global community that we all share and need to safeguard.

If you share a similar vision, a passion to provide opportunities for young people to shine as they discover their talents and skills, to be part of a community of professional educators that set the stage each day for learning and discovery, than Casablanca American School may be the perfect stage for your role as an educator.

Robert van der Eyken
Director - Casablanca American School

If you have a minimum of 2 years full-time teaching experience and are interested in teaching at a well-established international IB school  in a fascinating country contact us at:

Casablanca American School
Route de la Mecque, Lotissement Ougoug, Quartier Californie