In search of Knowledge, Excellence and Understanding.

Casablanca American School provides a challenging and innovative American and International program within a nurturing environment, motivating and inspiring every student to achieve academic and personal excellence.

Founded in 1973 

1st Full IB Diploma Program School in North Africa

since 1986 

French & Arabic Languages  offered to
Native & Non-Native speakers from Grade 2 
45+ Nationalities
+ 20 IB Courses Offered 

Prestigious University Attendances

since 1988 
76% US Citizen & International
Teaching Faculty
650+ Student Population

Department News

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Molecules and the Void

Are there more stars in the universe, molecules in a glass of water, or grains of sand on Earth? Many of us have heard this old question. The last time I heard it was 5 years ago in a trivia game at Boda Borg (think escape room meets Chuck E Cheese for large children who convince themselves they’re adults). I thought, well it’s obviously stars in the universe, the universe is infinite… I got it wrong. The nerd in me was embarrassed. The science educator let his team down that day.

So do you know the answer? If not, pause and take a guess. Can you justify your guess?

Read on so you can out-nerd the science teachers in your next game of trivia.

The Beautiful Process of Nucleosynthesis

Why is the universe made of this stuff and not that stuff? Perhaps this question has crossed your mind during existential ponderings in the shower, or even when helping your children or little siblings with their science homework.

Channeling confinement creatively through Art!

Our young artists have been confined within their homes however there were no set limits to their creativity! Visit the online art gallery set up specifically during COVID confinement to discover more! Art has no limits!


School News

Message from our Director: Tentative Guide to the Re-Opening of CAS Fall 2020

We plan to begin on-line learning for all students/grade levels beginning Tuesday, September 1st. In the interim, we will prepare a Covid Safe Campus according to the guidelines from the Ministry of Health and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in order to be able to have our students back on campus safely for on campus learning. 

Our Covid19 Commencement for Class of 2020

CAS staff and administration worked tirelessly to create the best possible ceremony for our the graduating class, while still maintaining proper social distancing and safety procedures. 

Distance Learning during Covid19 at CAS

As news began to spread early February that schools were closing in China, CAS started planning ahead for a distance learning plan in case Covid19 were to become a pandemic...forcing all schools to shut down! A well researched long term plan was put in place only 3 days after Morocco forced all schools to close for confinement.