Board of Governors

The Casablanca American School Board of Governors is a group of dedicated volunteer members dedicated to carrying out the mission of CAS and the community it serves.


Casablanca American School is governed by a Board of eight members, one of whom is always a representative of the US State Department Consulate in Casablanca. The director is the eighth, non-voting member.

The purpose of the Board of Governors is to propel the long-range, macro-level vision of the school towards continuous improvement in reaching the school's vision. The Board of Trustees is charged with the moral oversight of the operation of the CAS Association. It serves as an advisory body to the CAS Board of Directors. Charged with the philosophical and financial perpetuation of the school, the Trustees may offer advice regarding significant decisions of the Board of Directors. It also serves as a supplemental public relations and fundraising arm of the school. 

The Board does not manage the school, the director and administration team are entrusted with the daily management and decision-making process of the school. The Board steers the long-range direction of the school much like the captain of a ship stands on the deck and charts the course and allows the crew to manage the engine room, galley, cleaning etc. This model of governance as leadership allows the Board to focus on the school they desire for their children's children.