CAS Libraries

The mission of the two libraries at the Casablanca American School is to ensure that our students, staff, and community gain the knowledge and skills to be effective and conscientious users of ideas and information. We aim to foster a love of literature and learning, and to provide quality print and electronic resources that support the needs and interests of our students, staff, and community. The libraries at CAS boast 2 full time librarians in each library and an assistant, who are all on hand to give students advice and support.

We have an extensive collection of over 30,000 print books, with our Librarians committed to finding the best titles in literature, fiction and nonfiction, keeping at the same time the collection current and relevant. Like today’s most contemporary libraries, the CAS library’s new technological infrastructure allows users to search everything within CAS’ online resources and subscriptions on and off campus, ensuring all materials can be accessed anytime and anywhere through our online website

Upper School Library

Our Upper School Library is a spacious, two level, bright and inviting space, housing over 12,000 print books and boasting a media center equipped with computers, scanning, printing and photocopying facilities.

Lower School Library

The Lower School Library is a learning hub centered around fostering a love of reading and supporting the development of skills in our early learners with over 18,000 print books available to our students and community. 

Circulation Policy

Borrowing Guidelines


Generally our students are allowed to check out 3 books at a time, each book having the borrowing period of two weeks. IB students are permitted to check out 8 books to help them with their demanding academic studies in the International Baccalaureate program. If a student has an overdue book(s) then he/she will not be able to check out any further books until the late book has been returned to the library. Report Cards will be withheld for students that have not returned their overdue books, or that have no paid for a lost book.

Community Borrowing Guidelines

As the school with one of the most extensive collections of materials throughout Morocco we also extend our borrowing facilities to parents of our CAS students. A limit of 3 books can be checked out to each parent with a validity of two weeks. 

Library Expectations:

  1. Respect Library Property
  2. Keep all devices on silent
  3. Leave backpacks outside
  4. Leave all food and drink outside
  5. Work Quietly
  6. Clean up after yourself

Library Hours:

Monday-Friday 7:45 - 16:00


  • Upper School Librarian: Kajan Raouf
  • Upper School Assistant: Malika Souiki
  • Lower School Librarian: Bouchra Daifi
  • Lower School Assistant: Amina Bounit
Summer Check-Out:

Our libraries encourage students to check out books over the summer to further their education even when they are on holiday. A limit of 7 books can be checked out per student over the summer holidays.