We sincerely welcome you to the Casablanca American School (CAS), a school deeply committed to the mission of challenging and inspiring each student to achieve their fullest potential and to become well-rounded, committed and caring individuals, able to express themselves through academics, the arts, athletics and prepared to adapt and make positive contributions in a rapidly changing world.


It has indeed been a real honor and pleasure to be asked to return to the helm of the Casablanca American School which I served from 1985 through 1998. Although the school has grown and changed over these many years, its core mission has remained the same.  The Casablanca American School, founded in 1973 to serve the diplomatic, international and local business community of Casablanca has always been committed to offering the best possible US and international university preparatory education program, curriculum and instruction for its students.  CAS provides its students with knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the people, history and culture of the United States and Morocco and it serves as a model of US and international educational methods and practices for local and third country nationals in Morocco. We take seriously our commitment to increase mutual understanding and cooperation between the people of the US and the people of Morocco in particular and other nationalities in general.  

All members of the Casablanca American School are committed to support and reflect its Philosophy Statement and its Statement of Objectives, which were established to serve as a guide to the school and its operations.  The core of the Philosophy Statement are its statement of Values, Cultural Awareness, Curriculum and Language components which were jointly established by members of our community, faculty and administration.   

The Casablanca American School community is a very special and unique community unlike any other.  It has provided a continuous ongoing support, dedication and appreciation of its instructional, administrative and support staff which makes serving this community such a joy and its student body is extremely warm, engaging, curious, and committed.  

I encourage all to consider working or studying at the Casablanca American School for your experience will be one to cherish and remember such as our former faculty members, employees, parents and students have done.

Sincerely yours, 

John J. Randolph

John J. Randolph
John J. Randolph
School Director