Process & Timelines

Admissions Process


Age Placement:

At CAS we use the cut-off date of October 1st to determine grade allocation for age groups. Students should have reasonable maturity and clearly demonstrate readiness before enrolling in school.

Please refer to our age cut limits below:
Pre-School Nursery Three (3) years of age
Kinder Four (4) years of age
Pre-First Five (5) years of age
Lower School First Grade Six (6) years of age
Second Grade Seven (7) years of age
Third Grade Eight (8) years of age
Fourth Grade Nine (9) years of age
Fifth Grade Ten (10) years of age
Sixth Grade Eleven (11) years of age


Proof of Age Documentation

Prior to first time enrollment at the school, the parent or guardian must provide a certified copy of the child's birth certificate. In the event that a copy of the birth certificate cannot be obtained, another proof of the student's identity and date of birth may be accepted if it is accompanied by an affidavit explaining the inability to produce a copy of the birth certificate. Other reliable proofs of the child's identity and birth date may include a passport, visa or other governmental documentation of the child's identity.

Enrollment Checklist

This is the list of documents that are necessary for having a complete application:

  • CAS application (Grades N-12)  
  • Two ID photos (Grades N-12)
  • Copy of birth certificate or passport (Grades N-12)
  • Medical Examination Form (Grades N-12)  
  • School Records for the last two years, any standardized tests results, or School Certificate for Pre-School applicants
  • CAS Recommendation Form: English /French Version
  • Pre-School Questionnaire (Applicants for Nursery, Kindergarten, and Pre-First) 
  • Vision Check (Grades N-12)
  • Audiogram (Grades PF-12)
  • Application Fee, 1000 DH (Grades N-12) payable at time of application