Amine Belyamani '02 (aka Amino Belyamani) , a Musical Artist and Computer Scientist.

ALUMNI  7 February 2022



Attended CAS: 1987 -2002
College: Bachelor of Fine Arts at California Institute of the Arts 2005-2008; Piano Conservatory at Ecole Normale Musique de Paris (2002-2005)
Current Occupation: Musical Artists & Computer Scientist
Current City: New York City


Amine Belyamani joined CAS in September of 1987 when the school’s campus was in a small villa in rue Barthodi. It’s small student body size made Amine feel like CAS was a bubble at times, impervious to the reality of the unforgiving world. However, the family-like bonds that were naturally created due to a small student body actually enabled a certain safety, in all its meanings.

Having always had a passion for music since a very early age, and being raised in a musical family, CAS allowed me to express my creative impulses. Whether it was through the yearly talent shows, or casual entertainment at sports events, or being hired to accompany choirs, CAS always created opportunities for me to reconcile my extracurricular passion for music with my academic life.


Though Amine Belyamani was immersed in music from an early age, it wasn’t until he was fifteen that he made the lifelong decision of wanting to become a professional musician. Morocco hosted annual piano competitions wherein established international concert pianists participated in a week-long competition. It became a tradition in his family to host one of these contestants during that week. One year, they had the privilege to host a wonderful Russian pianist, Olga Kern. Through his admiration of her musicianship, and her subsequent mentorship, Amine was compelled to project himself in the future as a professional musician. 

By his junior year at CAS, when the time had come for considering colleges, he was determined to pursue a pure musical education at a conservatory, rather than a liberal arts college. There was one particular college that really reflected his personal philosophy on how arts should be taught which was the California Institute of the Arts, better known as CalArts. 

Thanks to his early acceptance to CalArts, he decided to defer his acceptance in order to perfect his piano skills at the prestigious Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris (ENMP). After 2 years spent in Paris, he obtained a Bachelor’s equivalent in piano and a minor in jazz piano, and subsequently felt mature enough to move on to CalArts and pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in their highly selective and prestigious school of music where he was fortunate enough to be granted a yearly scholarship of $11,000. 

Amine began his professional career during his few years at CalArts as the school did not distinguish between students and faculty: both were considered working artists,. With an average of fifty concerts per semester, performance opportunities in the surrounding Los Angeles area, teaching opportunities through various educational programs, and strong bonds formed with schoolmates and friends, Amine finally actualized his dream of living as a professional artist. 

Amine’s artistic career had already begun during his years at CalArts which enabled a smooth transition into the real world. He relocated to New York City and established himself as a working musician there.

Over the years, he traveled and toured with his various projects and bands all over the world. A career highlight was opening up for Radiohead at two sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden with the band he co-founded, Dawn of Midi. Another huge milestone Amine achieved was receiving a grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording with a band he co-founded, Innov Gnawa, on a collaboration with British music producer Bonobo. 

Recently, since the global pandemic prompted the music industry to a standstill, Amine turned to another passion: web development. As early as his IB years at CAS, Amine always had a passion for computer science and the sciences in general. As a musician, he always sensed an intimate relationship between music and the sciences. One of the recent web projects he developed,, is an online database of cassette tapes from Morocco which he digitized for streaming and downloading. Another recent project,, is an interactive world and USA map presenting up-to-date data on the pandemic. The National Geographic recently published an article on Amine's world map covid19 website. With the current slow rebooting of our normal lives, Amine will eventually get back on the road and share music with audiences across the world.

One message Amine has to share with current CAS students: 

Find something you like, dig deep, learn, make mistakes, fail, learn more, share what you’ve learned, and celebrate what you’ve learned. Follow your passions, whatever they might be.