Sandeep Mirani '04, 2020 Rising Stars of European Private Equity

ALUMNI March 14 2022


Attended CAS: 1990 - 2004
College: Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton Business School of UPENN
Current Occupation: Principal at Neuberger Berman
Current City: London

There is no arguing that hard work and dedication are the pillars to success. Proof of this statement is seen in Sandeep Mirani, recognized by Private Equity News as one of  “the 25 rising stars of private equity” in Europe. Sandeep graduated from CAS in 2004 and later finished his studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in Finance and Economics. 

When in CAS, Mr. Mirani shined academically- his constant involvement in extracurricular activities and drive for excellence left him with fond memories of his childhood.

From remembering his Student Council’s extravagant campaign to throwing an “over the top” high school dance- Mr. Mirani continues to describe CAS as a “safe haven.”


When asked to share his fondest memories of his time at CAS, Mr. Mirani describes with vivid detail CAS’ annual spring fair along with the athletic tournaments he joyfully participated in. Mr. Mirani says;

“I always wanted to get involved in everything, despite being more on the shy side. I wanted to be in all athletics, even though I wasn't the best. I tried to get involved in everything. I liked school; I wanted to stay there past 3 pm…I was proud to be a CAS student. I was a proud Cobra.”


Mr. Mirani describes himself as a well-balanced student, he would partake in most extracurricular activities, yet also made it a goal to prioritize academics. He spent his time working hard and took rigorous IB courses such as Physics, Maths, and English at a higher level. However, his ambition did not end after high school. When in university, Mr. Mirani realized the importance of internships. Finding himself in a competitive environment- he spent the summer of his sophomore year interning in Casablanca and India- both of which highly strengthened his resume. But he did not stop there- the following year, Mirani interned in New York, which helped land him his final job. 

Throughout his thrilling career life- Mr. Mirani continues to share his wisdom and offers advice on how to ace any interview. Mr. Mirani advises going through “practice interviews” with friends. He emphasizes the importance of interviews as they are what set employees apart in the eyes of recruiters. He also sheds light on the differences in interviews and how they can differ depending on the job. 

Though it might seem that Mr. Mirani encourages prioritizing your work life, he feels that students must balance their social and academic life and not take school too seriously. He also advises students to figure out their path early on as it facilitates matters and feels that doing well at school can make things easier. 

Humbly, Mr. Mirani embraces the impact CAS has had on him. He says; 

“Pretty much everything I am today is because of CAS. Indeed, I landed in the US pretty confident. I  arrived well equipped compared to many of the other international students thanks to CAS.  I landed with three languages and having had the opportunity to be versed in many different cultures”. 



Mr. Mirani credits CAS for equipping him with life skills and making him street smart. He felt an advantage in real-life and felt that the IB curriculum made him well-prepared for life at an Ivy-League school.

Now, Mr. Mirani lives in London with his wife and kids; he still finds time to visit the CAS campus almost every summer and reminisce on memories of the past. Picturing his aforementioned student council banners, the hot spring fair days, and English classes with Mrs. Slaoui. CAS has always been proud of Mr. Mirani, and we can’t wait to see where the future will bring him.

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Article & Interview by Nour Azmi, Class of 2023.