Arts at CAS

At CAS we offer a solid art programming. 


The arts are an essential element of a well-balanced education. The goal of arts education is to provide students with the opportunity to explore a variety of art disciplines. Within these disciplines, they should discover and explore many skills and techniques. Active participation in the arts encourages the development of vocabulary, expression, memory, and a deeper knowledge of self, world and culture.

Through Visual, Musical and Performing Arts, students engage in creations that reinforce the standards being taught. The programs are practical and creative, and encourage the development of individual skills. Aligned to the National Core Arts Standards, teachers guide our students to create, perform or present, connect and reflect. Throughout the school year, there are opportunities for students to share and perform, via exhibitions, musical and theatrical performances.

The Visual Arts is a complete program, beginning in the Pre-School and in the Upper School, students can opt to continue their Visual Arts learning via our IB Visual Arts in either a Standard Level or a Higher Level. Our Theater program begins in the Lower School and students may also continue to IB Theater in either a Standard Level or a Higher Level. With highly qualified and dedicated teachers, our students are able to develop and hone their artistic skills, which allows them to better express themselves.