Our school cafeteria aims to offer healthy and balanced meals for your child.

The school cafeteria service is managed by an external party that puts in place at school a team of professional cooks that cooks fresh foods every day to give your child the nutrition needed for a healthy lifestyle and an attentive mind. Everyone can opt for the school lunch menu each term or bring a packed lunch from home.

We devise a well-balanced school lunch menu to ensure that all the essential foods are included in your child's diet. With the help of a qualified nutritionist we devise balanced, healthy and international menus suitable for everyone.


Meet ART Cantine, our new cafeteria provider!

Art cantine is a school collective catering company, specialized in the preparation of meals for children.  The menus are validated by our nutritionist and all meals are developed from fresh produce and cooked the same day.

Please also note that beyond the taste, and nutritional aspect, the health situation is at the heart of our concerns. It is a mission that we take very seriously and we are honored by the trust you place in us during these difficult times- Sabrine Sekkat, Art Cantine Director

Please know that Art Cantine has taken all the necessary measures to provide safe and healthy meals for your children. The following precautions are taken:

  • Tests for all staff,
  •  Mandatory shower on arrival,
  • Insulated work clothes,
  • Gloves, head cover, mask,
  • Temperature measurement at the entrance,
  • Food disinfection chamber,
  • Hand disinfection protocol every 20 min, and after each different manipulation,
  • Social distancing
  • Individually wrapped meals in disposable container

Cafeteria Price List 2020-2021


  • The menus are composed of: Starter + Main course / sides + Dessert OR Main course / sides + 2 desserts
  • Art Cantine offers alternative menus (without meat, without fish)
  • An allergen-free meal is available on request
  • Registration can be made per Month or per Trimester
  • Method of payment: Cash and checks (directly to the CAS / ART CANTINE Treasury)
Prices (dh) Pre-School Lower School Upper School
Per Meal
47 dh 50 dh 54 dh

*Please note that water is at an additional cost of 5 dh for a 33cl Water Bottle. 

*Cafeteria prices are subject to change for the upcoming academic year 2020/2021. Pricing is impacted by the Covid19 restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Education for serving all meals in disposable packaging.

Cafeteria Bookkeeping Hours
Monday- Friday: 8:00 am -  3:00 pm
Contact Art Cantine:
+212 663 164 930