Our school cafeteria aims to offer healthy and balanced meals for your child.

The school cafeteria service is managed by an external party that puts in place at school a team of professional cooks that cooks fresh foods every day to give your child the nutrition needed for a healthy lifestyle and an attentive mind. Everyone can opt for the school lunch menu each term or bring a packed lunch from home.

We devise a well-balanced school lunch menu to ensure that all the essential foods are included in your child's diet. With the help of a qualified nutritionist we devise balanced, healthy and international menus suitable for everyone.

Cafeteria Price List 2019-2020

All cafeteria payments are done at the front gate directly with their bookkeeping office. 

Prices (dh) Pre-School Lower School Upper School
(175 working days 5% Discount)
 5,320 dh 5,652 dh 5,985 dh
Bi-Annual 1
(Aug 27- Jan 28 - 86 working days)
2,752 dh 2,924 dh 3,096 dh
Quarterly 1
 (Aug 27- Nov 27 - 55 working days)
1,870 dh 1,980 dh 2,090 dh

*Cafeteria prices are subject to change for the upcoming academic year 2020/2021.

Cafeteria Bookkeeping Hours
Monday- Friday: 8:00 am -  3:00 pm