Uniforms at CAS 

How to Order your Uniforms for our Academic Year 2020/2021?

In order to avoid large crowds and maintain all Covid-19 mitigation measures, there is an updated process to order uniforms from our vendor. Uniform orders from our vendor can only be placed through the online system available via the linked form below. There will be no availability to pick up uniforms that have not been pre-ordered via this method. It is essential that we respect this new process this year to keep a safe and sanitary environment for all staff, students and families. 

After pre-ordering, the uniforms will be packed and ready for picked up at the uniform store based on the following turnaround schedule:

  • All orders placed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday -> Ready for pickup on the following Thursday afternoon
  • All orders placed on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday -> Ready for pickup on the following Tuesday morning

Uniform pictures, prices and details are provided below on the page.

We appreciate your attention to these details. 

Order your Uniform

The CAS student uniform is worn by all students Nursery- Grade 12. Student uniforms support our learning-focused environment and promote the school’s core values of excellence, integrity, respect and responsibility. 

Casablanca American School has one official vendor that provides school and P.E. uniforms for our students. Uniforms can be purchased directly on campus at the front gate through our vendor's store rendering access to school uniforms easily accessible to all parents.

CAS students are required to use a uniform consisting of navy blue shorts, slacks, chinos, shorts, bermudas or skirt, an official school polo or t-shirt (light blue for Lower School, white for
Upper School) and during the winter months, an official CAS fleece jacket.


All CAS physical education classes require a P.E. uniform. Often referred to as the P.E. Kit, the uniform for lower school is a navy blue sports short and a light blue t-shirt made of cotton fabric. The P.E. Kit for Upper school is a navy blue sports short and a white t-shirt made of cotton fabric.

P.E. Kits are purchased on campus at the vendor's store at the front gate. 

Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Pricing

*All prices are in Moroccan Dirhams.

Item Price
T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) 120
T-Shirt (Long Sleeve) 125
Jogging 320
Fleece Jacket 230
Polo (Short Sleeve) 135
Polo (Long Sleeve) 140
Shorts 110
Bomber Jacket 250
P.E. PACK 750
Uniform PACK 1000

Pack Descriptions Offers

Uniform Pictures

Bomber Jacket

Upper School Girls Polo Short Sleeves

Upper School Boys Polo Short Sleeves

Pre-School & Lower School Girls Polo Short Sleeves

Pre-School & Lower School Boys Polo Short Sleeves

Pre-School & Lower School T-Shirt Short Sleeves

Upper School P.E. T-Shirts 

P.E. Shorts

Bermuda Shorts

Navy Skirt

Pre-School & Lower School Boys Polo Long Sleeves

Pre-School & Lower School Girls Polo Long Sleeves

Navy Trousers

Upper School Boys Polo Long Sleeves

Upper School Girls Polo Long Sleeves

Upper School Long Sleeve T-Shirts

P.E. Jogging and Jacket

Pre-School & Lower School P.E. T-Shirt Long Sleeves

Polar Jackets

Store Hours

Thursday: 2:30 - 4:00 pm


Contact the vendor directly:


+212 623 736 302