Casablanca, a young, modern city providing all the amenities that make big cities so charming. The main language is French, although Arabic and English are also both spoken. With its large waterfront, the city enjoys a mild, Mediterranean climate, and is a pleasant place to live in all year long.

The cost of living, which is much lower than in major European and North American cities, is also a considerable advantage to attract an increasing number of tourists and residents each year.

Only a few hours away from Europe, one can choose to discover Europe whilst living here and or travel in the beautiful and divers regions of Morocco.



"A whirlwind cultural and sensory experience of beauty, colour, flavour, confusion and novelty, texture, learning, sounds and music. It is a place with a lot of potential, with a welcoming culture and great food. It is a place of contrasts, a place of human beauty. A place that invites you to explore it, to know it, to feel it, so make sure you pack your trekking shoes and explorer's mindset:)"  - US Theater Teacher


"Morocco itself is an amazing place to live--the vibrant culture, beautiful beaches and dozens of tourist destinations could keep you occupied for years. Beyond that, it is an ideal base for exploring Europe and the rest of Africa." - US English Teacher


"This is the 6th country I have lived in since leaving the US. Living in Morocco has been easy and adventurous.  Moroccans are extremely welcoming and I was made to feel at home since day one. "   -Grade 6 Teacher